We help our clients achieve support orders they deserve.



We assist our clients in obtaining child support whether it is a matter that is within the Commonwealth's Guidelines or a case calling for a deviation, we are prepared.  In addition, we can help you in having court's in Massachusetts recognize your out-of-state (also known as a foreign) judgment for support, so that you are able to enforce court orders.  Attorneys at Roberts & Sauer routinely assist clients in dealing with the Department of Revenue's Child Support Enforcement.


Whether it is a divorce case or a case for separate support, attorneys at Roberts & Sauer are experts in the area of support and family law and understand this evolving area post-Alimony Reform Act.  With each new case, we are able to assist our clients in understanding how it impacts an individual case, as well as what steps we need to take to maintain the best strategy for the family going forward.  We work with experts to address tax issues, including the impact of new tax laws, so that you can feel certain that the position you put forward, whether in settlement or to the Court, is one where the financial consequences are understood.