While no one wishes to experience divorce, we are thorough, treat our clients with respect, and our clients can rest assured that we are experienced in proceedings and respected in the court room and legal community.



With our breadth of trial experience, we are able to swiftly address complex financial issues, including support and asset division, as well prioritize the emotional needs of your family by making child-centric advocacy the cornerstone of any case involving children.  There is no one-size-fits all strategy, and we work with you to find a strategy that best meets your needs.  We are able to represent your interests during divorce mediation and conciliation proceedings, or, if necessary, we have the resources necessary to take your divorce case to trial.

Definition of Divorce.
divorced; divorcing
transitive verb
1. law.
a. to legally dissolve one’s marriage....
b. to dissolve the marriage contract between....
— Merriam Webster Dictionary