Family Law Services

We are a full service family law firm, offering assistance to clients in all aspects of a family law case.  A detailed description of our services can be found by topic under Services Overview.  All of the services offered by the firm in Massachusetts we are also able to offer to New Hampshire clients.

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Attorneys are able to assist families with completing all types of adoptions and agreements to assist clients in building families, as well as obtaining orders in advance of a child's birth when necessary:

  • co-parent or two-parent adoptions
  • single parent adoptions
  • contested adoptions
  • sperm donor agreements
  • egg donor agreements
  • surrogacy agreements
  • pre-birth orders
  • parentage orders

We know that there are many questions for you and your family as you face the path of a divorce, and our goal is to make sure that you have choices for you and for your children.  

No matter the size of the marital estate, attorneys at Roberts & Sauer LLP offer practical advice to assist you through every phase of your divorce matter.  Each divorce case is unique, and we handle all types of divorce cases and addressing all issues in a divorce: custody, support and property division--as well as the issues that flow from these.

We are also skilled at litigating:

  • complex asset and high net worth matters;
  • unique income and support issues; and
  • high conflict child custody matters.

We routinely assist clients in reaching agreements prior to filing for divorce.  In addition, attorneys are experienced trial counsel and able to take your matter to trial if necessary.  Through our divorce practice we assist clients in:

  • gathering necessary financial documents and other discovery
  • temporary orders and necessary motions
  • drafting and negotiating stipulations and agreements
  • retaining experts best suited for your matter
  • preparation for all stages of litigation, including discovery, litigation and Guardian ad Litem investigations
  • using mediation, conciliation, arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, as appropriate
  • maintaining reasonable expectations, including providing cost-benefits analyses when possible
  • successful trial outcomes

We know you put your family first, and we pride ourselves on preparation and responsiveness, demonstrating our commitment to your family.

Custody issues arise in different contexts in the Probate & Family Court, and our firm is here to assist.  We offer counsel in all types of custody disputes, including:

  • divorce
  • modification of custody
  • paternity
  • parentage
  • unmarried partners
  • de facto parents
  • grandparent visitation
  • removal and relocation matters
  • guardianships of minors
  • conservatorships for minors
  • Attorneys Representing Children
  • Complaints for Custody

Divorce and all other custody matters, including guardianships may mean that the Court enters a support order requiring a party to support an adult or children.  Attorneys at Roberts & Sauer LLP handle matters involving:

  • alimony 
  • child support
  • unallocated family support

Our firm is also experienced at addressing legal separation, in lieu of a divorce, and can file or defend against a Complaint for Separate Support on your behalf.

As part of its litigation practice, Roberts & Sauer LLP also handles the following types of trust and estates litigation:

  • removal of trustee
  • appointment of trustee
  • removal of personal representative
  • appointment of personal representative
  • will contests
  • trust issues
  • inheritance issues
  • administration of estates
  • unmarried partners
  • Petitions to Partition
  • Complaints in Equity
  • disputes relating to cohabitation